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SpaceShipTwo Solo Model 339 (SS2)

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Space Ship Two Solo - 1/84 Scale Model

Scaled Composites - SpaceShipTwo - Solo - 1/84 Scale Mahogany Model
Highly Detailed Model - Silent Thunder Series

SpaceShipTwo Solo 1/84 Scale Model

This beautiful model comes configured solo of SpaceShipTwo - Solo. Mahogany display stand included.

Scaled Composites - Prototype
SpaceShipTwo - Model 339 - VSS Enterprise - Solo
1/84 scale
8.6" inch length
3.9" inch wingspan

Price: $369.00

$24.72 shipping/handling
Click here for SS2 & White Knight Two - Stacked Version - 1/84 Scale Model
SpaceShipOne Wins $10 Million Ansari X-Prize - October 4th, 2004
MOJAVE, Calif. (Reuters) SpaceShipOne and White Knight, the world's first privately funded manned spacecraft, on Monday reached space for the second time in less than a week to win a $10 million prize designed to spur commercial space travel. The stubby, three-seat rocket plane hurtled to a height of 368,000 feet traveling at more than three times the speed of sound to reach space on the last of two flights required to win the Ansari X Prize. "We are proud to announce that SpaceShipOne has made two flights to 100 kilometers (62 miles) and has won the Ansari X Prize," Peter Diamandis, founder of the X Prize announced to reporters at Mojave airport

SpaceShipOne Solo Ansari X PRIZE Version - 1/32 Scale ModelThe SpaceShipOne Solo - Ansari X Prize 1/32 scale version.

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