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Wedell-Williams - Gilmore "Red Lion" - 1/20 Scale Model - Elite Skywarrior

Wedell-Williams - Gilmore "Red Lion" - 1/20 Scale Mahogany Airplane Model - Elite Skywarrior
"Red Lion"
Racing Plane

Jimmie Wedell & Harry Williams
Elite Skywarrior
Mahogany Model

Price: $159.00
$15.90 s/h in continental US

Scale: 1/20  W/S: 15 3/4"  Length: 12 1/2"

Model comes with a mahogany wood display base.

In 1932 the NR61Y was born in Patterson, Louisiana. She was a pretty girl with a sleek, smooth NACA cowl housing her chesty Pratt & Whitney R-985. Roscoe Turner flew her to California for the start of the 1932 Bendix race in an unpainted condition. His mechanic and right hand, Don Young, not only had to build her, but paint her in a dark hangar literally just prior to race time. The colors she wore for that racing season were the most famous of all the Wedell paint schemes — silvery crème with red and black trim — and race #121. Jimmie Wedell and Harry Williams formed an air service in Patterson, Louisiana in 1928, but went on to become nationally prominent during what was known as the "Golden Age of Aviation". They won numerous races, but both eventually perished in plane crashes. The Red Lion was one of their most famous planes. The Wedell-Williams Museum was established by the Louisiana state legislature as the state's official aviation museum.

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