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Boeing B&W - Boeing's First Plane - 1/32 Scale Model

Boeing B&W - 1/32 Scale Mahogany Airplane Model
Boeing's First Plane
Mahogany Model
Price: $189.00
$18.90 s/h in continental US

Scale: 1/32  W/S: 19 1/2Length: 13"

Model comes with a mahogany wood display base.

One of the few aviation pioneers still in business today, the Boeing Company is one of only two major commercial aircraft manufacturers in the world. Boeing's goals were ambitious from the start. After little airborne experience, a Seattle timber magnate and ship manufacturer named William Boeing believed he could build a better plane than those he saw flying at the time. In 1915, his first attempt at airplane building resulted in the B&W, a two-person seaplane made out of wood, wire and linen. Only two B&Ws were built, but their sale marked the beginning of a company that would influence the commercial airline industry throughout the rest of the century.
William Boeing began his aircraft company in 1916. By 1919, he successfully was running the world’s first international air mail route.

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