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NASA - A Retrospective - 4 DVD Collector's Box Set

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASA - A Retrospective - 4 DVD Collector's Set

Price: $39.95
$9.99 s/h in continental US
A History of US Space Exploration on Four Unforgettable DVDs!
9 Films on 4 DVDs - Produced in association with the National Archives

Length: 4 hour run time
$39.95 plus $9.99 s/h (US only)

This 4 DVD set features Volume 1 through 4 from the early days of NASA through the Space Shuttle program.
Total running time for this 4 DVD set is 4 Hours!

July 20th, 1969...American astronauts take the first steps on the moon. Recapture the glory and success of the U.S. Moon landing program with this 1/48 scale replica of the Apollo Lunar Excursion Module. Painstakingly detailed and fully assembled, this model includes a stand for desktop or shelf display.

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